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Our biggest Residential home yet, 12.000 sq feet. The Mr and Mrs Kora residence, of Michigan City,IN, also democratic leader and headquarters in his own basement, with a 55 foot clear overspan, with 3 bars, vault, swimming-pool, exercise-room, praying-room, etc, We were responsible for the framing of this monster and the interior trim and stairway as you can see on numerous pictures that I displayed of this majestic home over my web-site, see also bottom of Home-page
"Our mission is to offer our Residential and Commercial customers a professional and reliable and economical Construction, Building, Maintenance and Repair experience." - Klaas Hayo Haitsma, President

Customer Satisfaction

Dutchy,Inc. understands that customer satisfaction starts with arriving at your home on time. (as you know Dutch people are known for their on-time record and their cleanliness). You won't have to interrupt your day, wasting valuable time waiting on your Handyman. Our on-time record is second to none, and we arrive ready to work. We will apply the same attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job, large or small.

Done Right From Start to Finish

Plenty of people say they can do home repairs and remodeling, but what really matters is getting it done right from start to finish. Whether it's renovating a room or making an everyday home repair, choose the professionals qualified to do the job: Dutchy,Inc.

Honest and Upfront Pricing

We perform all work using an honest, upfront pricing format. Our price is our price!

Our Time and Materials billing ensures that you pay only for the time spent working on your home, not an inflated estimate. We are experienced in over 150 different types of home repair and remodeling services.

Safety First

Dutchy, Inc. takes the safety of our customers very seriously. As a quality contractor company, we perform comprehensive background checks on all of our employees. 

Also check the Seal of Approval, screened and approved.

We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer service by setting standards of cleanliness and courtesy for our employees so you can trust that you are working with professionals.

Your Choice for any Job

Dutchy is a professional company. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. From hanging curtains to installing tile in your bathroom, no job is too small for us. I have over 30 years of experience myself and we are professional, Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and reliable, so you can feel good, having us working in your home.

See some of the projects that were unique in my eyes high-lighted underneath overhere!

                                                           We will treat your home like it is my own!

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One of the most beautiful decks I ever built in San Diego, California, just before a fruit-orchard, with a build-in design made out of Trex with build-in electric and Solar-lighting and timers. 

For more information see the tab on top that says 'Decks'

Next underneath here is the Former One Stop Builders Shop, that used to be in 620 Boston street in La Porte, IN
The domes and the colums are luckily still there.

The most beautiful triple dome I ever designed and built all by myself 27' by 20' in La Porte, Indiana, inside the formerly One Stop Builders Shop, that was located on 620 Boston Street opposite of New York Blower, a micro cosmos of businesses all under one roof, out of a old deserted 7200 sq ft truck terminal that I totally redesigned into this beautiful building, again more pictures are featured on the bottom of the rolling marquis of the Home-page.

My own Home that I designed and built in 2007, all by myself for 98% (except for pouring the concrete floor in the basement) Here you can see me standing doing the roof all by myself with ropes and pulleys like the egyptian built the pyramids, it was pretty rough, built the new house right over the old one as you can clearly see with the green roof on the right, went from a 1525 sq,ft 1.5 story 3 bedroom, 1 bath into a 3900 sq ft 2 story house with a 900 sq ft basement, with 4 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms and walkin-closets (one for each and every bedroom) and fireplace, see more pictures on bottom of Home-page. Over here you can clearly see the before and after pictures for yourself.

For more info and pictures (also on the bottom of the Home-page)see the special tab titled My House That I built!

My most creative bathroom and kitchen with old Mexican tiles, just in the bathroom above (which took me over a month with all the detail) you can see some of the 12 different tiles and marble and glass, that I used and almost total control over the design in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

For more information and pictures on several bathrooms see the Bathrooms tab on top

Detail-shot of the build-in bench

One of my trade-marks are the build-in recessed niches.

The Egils Kitchen in Tarpon Springs,FL, for more information and pictures on other kitchen please go to the tab on top that says 'Kitchens' 
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