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My own Home that I designed in may of 2005 and finished building in 2009, all by myself for 98% (except for pouring the concrete floor in the basement) Here in this section you can see me standing, doing the roof all by myself, with ropes and pulleys like the egyptian built the pyramids, it was pretty rough, built the new house right over the old one, went from a 1525 sq,ft 1.5 story 3 bedroom, 1 bath into a 3900 sq ft 2 story house with a 900 sq ft basement, with 4 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms and walkin-closets (one for each and every bedroom, and possible future 1.5 bathrooms and extra kitchen in basement ) and fireplace, see more pictures on bottom of Home-page. Over here in this section you can clearly see the before and after pictures for yourself.


                                                                  Hudson,FL 34606 
                                                                 CELL (352)678-2241 
                                                 HOME/OFFICE/FAX (727)862-9328
 Email: Dutchy7@live.com
Also: khh@flrei.biz
Have no Fear, Dutchy is still here;-)

My start of the living-room in La Porte,IN, busy with the ethernet and home-wiring-systems

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