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The latest project in Springhill, from start to finish , the pavers where White Pewter

Some of our recent projects include the following:

The Rodriquez deck in Brooksville, Florida, september 2011

Here you see the deck finished on the left, the next picture is the window that was replaced by the door that you see on the deck being painted brown, pic #3 is again before the deck and finally the after picture 1 week later!

The Egils Deck in Tarpon Springs,Florida, march 2010

Here is the finished picture on the left with a multiple, 3-tier deck. Next a more detailed picture and also my signature piece, the border frame on the sides of the deck, I implemented 3 years ago, it takes more time, but looks really nice!

The Engels Deck in Chesterton,Indiana, may 2010

This was the last deck that I built in the state of Indiana in may 2010 before I relocated to Florida, on the left you see the initial design with my 3D cad in house-program and how close it resembles the real deal on pic #2, including the 45 degree built-out for the barbeque and the built-in benches!

the Owen's Deck in San Diego, California, november 2008

This deck was made on top of a 40 foot hill, overlooking a valley in San Diego,CA. Here I designed something totally different with trex decking and cedar.

On the left you see me during the construction and a week later after it was done, with an in-laid pattern and a trellis build-up with build-in lights and timers, connected with a stairway to an orchard!

The Latest deck in Hernando Beach, 8 foot elevated and reinforced for the winds of the Gulf of Mexico
Underneath you will see the before picture, and above the reinforced finished picture
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